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Samantha frowned as she was handed a bag containing her new work uniform "that's kinda skimpy for a Christmas store isn't it?"  She asked the dark haired manager who smiled seductively at the blonde haired college student. You'll be starting tomorrow morning after you meet the other 2 managers!" the dark haired girl said with another smile as she walked toward the manager's office located in the back. Samantha smiled as she walked toward the exit "Ok see you all tomorrow!" she said as she left the store and headed down the mall.

     Kim smiled as she watched the girl leaving "such a pretty new fly to add to our larder!" she said with a smirk as she put her key into the door of the manager's office and opened the door. "MMMPH!" the sound of the former employee brought a smile to Kim's face as she walked into the office.  "So how did the interview go?" said the blonde haired manager said as she continued to rotate the struggling girl wrapping her tightly in what looked like to saran wrap to anyone that walked by fast, but if anyone had the chance to stop they would have then noticed the lower body of the beautiful girl was that of a spider pulling out wide sheets of shimmering silk.

       Kim grinned devilishly "she starts tomorrow!" "I'm sure she will join our larder by the weekend!"  Crystal smiled back as she stuck the helpless girl on the wall next to several other squirming cocoons "where is Alicia at?" Kim asked as she looked at the growing larder "she went out shopping about 30 minutes ago!" Crystal replied with a grin causing both drider's to start to giggle.

      Kelsey grinned as she walked out of the Victoria secret store. She finally found the perfect gift to give her boyfriend this Christmas by doing a lingerie show of her own just like the one he watched every year, she was so excited she failed to notice the young women that had been following her from store to store for the past thirty minutes ago "hey Samantha!" she called out seeing her friend walking toward her. "O hey how's it going Kelsey" Samantha said smiling "how's the job hunt going?" "So far I've had no luck and I just spent a small fortune today too!". Alicia grinned "needs a job huh?" "Well maybe I'll help her with that!" she said to herself as she continued to follow the brunette out the door and into the mall parking lot.

      "I really need to find a new job" Kelsey grumbled as she reached into her purse for her car keys. Sighing again she dropped her bags into the trunk of her car when a voice made her jump in surprise. "Sorry what did you say?" she asked as she turned around looking at the smiling woman dressed in the elf outfit. "I said I heard about your job problem and if you want to come back inside I might have a position open in the store I run!" Alicia said her smile only growing as she saw the reaction on her future prisoner's face. "Really that's awesome" Kelsey said happily as she followed Alicia back toward the mall "so what's the name of the store?" Kelsey asked as the two walked down the hallway "It's called Webmas corner!" Alicia replied "Really my friend just got hired there this is awesome!"  Alicia grinned as they reached the store entrance "we just need to fill out the paperwork and you'll be able to start with her then!" Alicia replied as the two walked toward the back office.

       As the two reached the office Alicia's eyes began to glow red with anticipation she quickly closed the door as the girl walked inside the office. "So what paperwork do I need to fi..?" Kelsey froze in terror as she saw Alicia's eyes "what what are you?" Kelsey stammered as she backed away. Alicia smiled again but this time it was the smile of a predator that had cornered its prey, as she approached the girl her lower body transformed into a spider "I'm your worst nightmare!" she hissed as she jumped at Kelsey.

      Samantha had just made it home when she realized her cell phone was missing "damn I must have left my phone at the store!" She looked at her watch and wondered if she would get back before the store and mall closed, she grabbed her keys and jumped back into the car. Crystal and Kim grinned at each other as they listened to the muted struggling and muffled screams coming from the back supply room  "I'm surprised the girl got out of the office and managed to get that far, your sister seems to be losing her touch a bit!" Kim replied as Crystal glared at her as she picked up another cocooned girl "how about you talk a little less and help get these girls ready to be sold for Webmas!" she said as she pushed a hidden button that opened a wall revealing a long dark tunnel lined with silk. Kim laughed as she grabbed another one of the mummified girls "sounds like I hit a nerve!" she teased as the two walked into the tunnel the wall closing back behind them.

      Samantha blew out a sigh of relief as she walked through the mall door. Moving quickly she walked down the hallway toward the store, she was a little surprised not to run into anyone other than the female security guard as she walked down the hallway. "where is everybody?" she wondered she knew it was getting close to the time when the mall closed but she should have run into somebody there weren't even any other employees that she could see it was like the mall had suddenly become a ghost town. She felt very uneasy as she walked toward the store nearing the entrance she stumbled and nearly tripped over something that felt like a string tied about an inch off the floor.

    "what the?" she said as she inspected the nearly invisible line "this looks like spider silk?" she started looking around nervously she never liked spiders and they gave her the chills. She suddenly jumped in surprise when she heard muffled noises coming from the manager's office she froze listening before she heard it again a few seconds later "what the hell was that?" moving slowly she put her ear to the door listening hearing nothing now she slowly opened the door despite her instincts that were screaming at her to turn and run away. Moving slowly she opened the door and stepped inside the dark office "hello?" she called out into the dark room "mmmph!" Samantha jumped again as she heard the muffled call for help she tried looking for the light switch to see what exactly was happening.

       "O my god!" she nearly screamed covering her mouth with her hand as she finally found the light switch. The room was very different from when she had been there only a few hours ago it had been spotless but now it looked like a giant spider had been let loose. There were webs spread all throughout the room and in the center web Samantha saw three squirming shapes trying to get loose. Moving closer she recognized the two cashiers from the Victoria's secret store that had been working when she had made her purchases. The other girl must have been an employee of the store because she was still wearing the uniform that Samantha had in the back seat of her car.

       "I don't know how this happened but I'm going to get you three out somehow!" Samantha said as she began to look around the office trying to find something to cut the sticky silk that was wrapped around the girls. Opening one of the desk drawers looking for scissors or a box cutter she found a purse that she immediately recognized as Kelsey's. "O my god they got her too!" Samantha said as she dropped the purse in shock tears beginning to well up in her eyes. "O don't you worry you'll be joining your friend very soon!"

     The sound of Kim's voice made Samantha drop the purse and spin around expecting to see her standing behind her instead all she saw was the three wrapped up girls. Kim looked down at the girl she used her eight spider legs to hold onto the ceiling of the room and grinned she Crystal and Alicia had already been informed of Samantha's arrival and had decided to play a game of hide and seek with her before capturing her. Samantha continued looking around the room slowly her eyes began to move upwards as she looked higher before her eyes locked in on the movement of a large insect or spider leg moving.  

      "O No!" "This can't be real!"  Samantha squeaked as she looked up at Kim. "Sorry Sammy but you're not dreaming I am very real and you're my next victim!" Hearing that Samantha turned and bolted for it surprised when she managed to not only get out of the office but the store as well, she paused around the corner when a pain of guilt hit her about leaving the other girls but when she heard Kim's laughter reminded her that if she was caught she wouldn't be able to help them her only hope was to get to her car. She turned and ran down the hall hoping she could somehow out run the boss from hell.

     She took another corner and froze when she heard something fall down behind her, she turned around and looked at the large web that was sealing the hallway behind her and then seeing a blonde leaning against the wall grinning at her. "Don't let me stop you now when you're so close!" Crystal teased as she stepped toward Samantha.
      Samantha gave one more questionable glare at Crystal before continuing down the hall, looking back at the girl seeing that she hadn't moved she felt a wave of hope that she might escape this nightmare.  She turned her head just in time to see another web coming down to block the way to the exit "Damn it!" Samantha yelled as she looked up to see Alicia grinning at her   "oops did I just block your way of escaping with that?" "you're ours now!" she teased as she started to lower herself to the ground. Looking over her shoulder Samantha saw both Crystal and Kim walking toward her, "Never!" Samantha said as she ran again heading into the food court looking for a good place to hide till the mall reopened.

   There that will work Samantha thought as she saw the sign for the security office, running as fast as she could down the hall she only stopped when she got around the corner for a few seconds to catch her breath and to listen for any drider's that were following her. Satisfied she was safe for now she turned and entered the office.   Walking cautiously she began to look for anything she could use to defend herself with and never noticed as a shadow moved out from the darkness.
      "Looks like she went down the hall toward security!" Crystal said as the three drider's grinned "That was her last mistake she just got herself cornered she'll make a great Webmas present this year!" Kim replied while Alicia only had a smile on her face "Yes she will indeed!" she replied as the three drider's slowly began to walk down the hall. Samantha smiled as she saw the Taser sitting on the desk "I'll get one shot with this but it's better than nothing I guess" she said picking up the weapon in her hand. "I would put that down before you shoot yourself in the foot if I were you!" A voice said behind Samantha making her nearly jump out of her skin, spinning around Samantha leveled the tazer on the brunette security guard she had seen when she had walked into the mall.
     "Stay away!" Samantha said as she put pressure on the trigger "listen I know your scared I saw them too I barely got away myself when they started attacking the employees and shoppers, just give me that before someone gets hurt!" the guard said as she extended her hand out. Samantha took a few seconds of thinking about it before dropping it into the guard's hand. "My name's Jessica!" the Guard said smiling as she placed the Taser back on the desk "Mine's Samantha!" Samantha said as the camera's caught her eye "Is there another way out of here those drider's are almost here?" she said pointing at the camera monitor

    Jessica began to laugh causing Samantha to turn and look at her "You don't have to worry about those three at all!" she said as she locked the door and smiled "You're going to be mine this Webmas!" she said as she transformed herself and with a back leg pulled out a wide sheet of silk as she advanced on Samantha. With one last ditch effort Samantha jumped for the desk and Taser just getting her fingers on the handle when she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder blade then a spreading warm spreading through her body.
"There now to wrap up my Webmas gift!" Jessica teased as she withdrew her fangs from the girl's shoulder "don't worry my venom won't kill you but you won't be able to move for a while!" she said picking up Samantha in her arms and wrapped the silk around her wrists tying them tightly behind her back before reaching back for another sheet of silk with her leg attaching it at Samantha's belly before she began to rotate her body around using her first two sets of spider legs  wrapping the silk snuggly over her body before placing her up against the wall and un locking the door.

    "Please let me go!" Samantha mumbled as feeling was beginning to return to her limbs. Jessica smirked as she pulled out a smaller sheet of silk "Webmas gifts are to be seen not heard!" she said as she wrapped it over Samantha's mouth and delivering one more dose of venom that sent the girl into unconsciousness "time to get you home!" Jessica said placing her over her shoulder and walking out the door and down the hall smiling at Crystal, Kim, and Alicia "now let's party!" the girls said laughing together as they walked.

    Uh my head Samantha thought as her eyes slowly opened what a nightmare, she went to stretch her arms but found that she couldn't move her arms or legs her eyes snapped fully open when she realized to her horror that it hadn't been a dream after all. Looking around Samantha saw that she was somewhere underground possibly under the mall itself "mmmph" "mmmph" Samantha turned her head at the sound and saw Kelsey and several other girls struggling in their silken binds before a small drider that looked like a six or seven year old girl jumped on her lap excitedly.
"All right kids it's time for Webmas presents" the adult drider's said as the kids began to swarm around the trapped girls.


    Samantha and Kelsey smiled at each other it had been a year since they had been captured and at first they had thought they would be the main course at a party they were soon proven wrong. In the drider world the girls were treated more like the family pet then as prey and for the past year neither girl had actually minded. They no longer had to worry about bills or finding and working at a job every day, they didn't have a care in the world anymore now. The girls  smiled at each other as they saw the cocoons being dragged in. "merry Webmas Samantha!" Kelsey said as she sipped her hot chocolate "merry Webmas and a happy new year to you too Kelsey!" Samantha replied with a smile on her face as the two friends hugged each other before the little drider kids started to play with both of them as they got ready for the party to begin.
my webmas story for 2012 were a party is being planned this year at the local mall

Kim belongs to :iconmrsouleater13:

Jessica is a new drider that hopefully will have a few stories of her own soon
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kempman17 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Professional Photographer
Well it's good to see a story like this having a happy ending.
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
wanted to suprise people. I'm sure many that read it thought the girls would end up being lunch
323starlight Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So if girls are treated like the family pet...what about boys?
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
in this story it went the same way regardless if you were male or female. Its just the main characters were girls and I did'nt write about any guys in this one
DIDLilGirls Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like it. Hope I don't become a captive for Webmas.
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
thanks maybe in the next one ;)
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
cool. very fun to read. Samantha wasn't to thrilled to be a little kids pet but her reaction was hysrtarical. love the story!
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
LOL well its better than being eaten
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
true, but kim only eats boys...that sounded better in my head
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
mrsouleater13 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
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