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Hello Good Friends, Today we are here to interview My Good Friend, fellow officer and sometimes DID Sarah Parker to get a damsels point of view.

#1 There are far fewer female who openly show interest in DID, Please tell us what got you started
Sarah:  My friend Amber opened me up to it when we first became friends she challenged that she could keep me bound and gagged and well she was right LOL

#2 How do you think a damsel should be dressed while in distress?

Sarah:  regular street clothes always works.

#3 Should she act frightened or more defiant?

Sarah: It depends on the situation they are in. I tend to be a little more defiant whenever I get kidnapped

#4 Have you ever come across anyone who did not understand your interest in DID and what did you do about it?

Sarah:  I tend to keep my interest's in that hidden unless it's with good friends  
#5 How do you feel when you see movie or TV show that had DID in it?

Sarah:  I laugh at how easy the actress is tied up and still seems to be struggling     

#6 What is your favorite position to be tied up in?

Sarah: so far my favorite has been just having my wrists and ankles tied with a gag

#7 What materials do you like to be bound with?

Sarah: Tape for the most part using my handcuffs are ok with me for some things like playing the captured cop in a fantasy RP

#8 What is your favorite Gag?

Sarah:  I love Ball or panel gags to keep me nice and quiet

#9 What is your Favorite Peril ?

Sarah:  playing the hostage in a bank robbery Role play I did with a ex boyfriend was fun

#10 Was there ever a time when you where truly frighten of the situation you where in?

Sarah:  when I first meet Alicia I was pretty terrified

#11 Do you ever practice Self bondage and if so was there a time when you could not get free, what happened

Sarah: No not really

#12 Anything you would like to say to our Fans.

Sarah:  Thank you for all the support, continue to read future stories, I'm sure I'll be bound and gagged again soon enough

Thank You Sarah for sitting down and answering a few questions today I'm sure I can say and agree we all look forward to seeing what happens to you next! Until that time you just lay there and enjoy yourself

Sarah:  Mmmph Nye Mereone mook norward noo ni mext mdventure
Sarah gets interviewed
Tank50us Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
was this before or after she patrolled a nude beach XD
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012
I would say before she's probally still tied up some were on that beach by a few girls jealous over her figure ;)
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