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Hello Good Friends, Today we are here to interview My Good Friend, fellow photographer  and  Drider Alicia Ellision to get her point of view on DID.

#1 There are far fewer female who openly show interest in DID, Please tell us what got you started
Alicia: well as you know I am a drider  so I just used my natural abilities to make a little money and have a little fun on the side

#2 How do you think a damsel should be dressed while in distress?

Alicia:  As skimpy as possible  

#3 Should she act frightened or more defiant?

Alicia: No matter how she acts she won't get away from me LOL  

#4 Have you ever come across anyone who did not understand your interest in DID and what did you do about it?

Alicia:  sure of course they tend to join the model(s) whether they want to or not hehehe
#5 How do you feel when you see movie or TV show that had DID in it?

Alicia:  I take notes to see if I can work it into one of my own scene's

#6 What is your favorite position to be tie a model up in?

Alicia: chair or full body wraps

#7 What materials do you like to use to bind a DID with?

Alicia:  that's an easy one duh my own silk of course

#8 What is your favorite Gag to use on your DID's?

Alicia:  Again an OTM with my silk or using the silk tape I made

#9 What is your Favorite Peril to put a model in ?

Alicia:  I love hogtie sets where the model is completely helpless and at my mercy

#10 Was there ever a time when you where truly frighten of the situation you where in?

Alicia:  No I am the one that causes the fear in others not the other way around

#11 Do you ever practice Self bondage and if so was there a time when you could not get free, what happened

Alicia:  No I have never practiced self bondage before

#12 Anything you would like to say to our Fans.

Alicia:  I look forward  to wrapping you up in a story soon

Thank You Alicia  for sitting down and answering a few questions today I'm sure I can say and agree we all look forward to seeing what happens to you next! Wait what are you doing

Alicia: I can't wait to wrap and gag a few new models for my site who will it be a new OC or maybe a possible loyal reader of my stories till then how about you just sit there yourself till she comes around

"Nilicia Met ne MO night mow"
Alicia anwser's my questions this time but turns the tables at the end of the interview unlike the other OC's before her
Trooper100 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
"wrap and gag a few new models for my sight" is there a web site all about your work?
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
will do. working on trying to finish a new story that should be up soon. right now my work can only be found here on my DA page
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