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August 10, 2012
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Hello Good Friends, Today we are here to interview My Good Friend, mermaid and sometimes DID Karen to get a damsels point of view.

#1 There are far fewer female who openly show interest in DID, Please tell us what got you started
Karen:  To tell you the truth I tend to end up the hostage by some villain until I free myself or get saved by a member of the justice league

#2 How do you think a damsel should be dressed while in distress?

Karen:  If they have their choice in anything that is comfortable to stay bound and gagged in for a long time. It will only add to the discomfort if say your wearing a bikini and tied up in a cooler that would jst be cruel and unsual even for some of the villian's I've run into.

#3 Should she act frightened or more defiant ?

Karen:  with me it always depended on the villain or villain's holding me hostage some scared the hell out of me but with others no matter how good they gagged me they would still hear me laughing or mocking them

#4 Have you ever come across anyone who did not understand your interest in DID and what did you do about it?

Karen:  Well as I stated before I don't like being the one in the role of the DID it just tends to happen guess I'm the pink haired Daphne Blake LOL. But everyone has their own opinions if you like it that's fine if not that's fine too
#5 How do you feel when you see movie or TV show that had DID in it?

Karen: Well I know how the actresses feel that's for sure. I don't mind watching a movie or TV show that has some DID action in it every now and then   

#6 What is your favorite position to be tied up in?

Karen:  if I have a choice it's going to be anything I can get out of rather quickly of course with me I'm always chair or hogtied which takes me forever to get out of

#7 What materials do you like to be bound with?

Karen: Again if my kidnapper gives me a choice it will be something soft like torn bed sheets or nylons

#8 What is your favorite Gag?

Karen: I'm a cleave gag kinda girl I hate tape and ball gags

#9 What is your Favorite Peril ?

Karen:  any peril I can escape from adding insult to injury to my kidnapper LOL

#10 Was there ever a time when you where truly frighten of the situation you where in?

Karen: of course when I was kidnapped by harley and the joker I was terrified but thanks to the batman I was rescued!

#11 Do you ever practice Self bondage and if so was there a time when you could not get free, what happened

Karen:  I tried it once to try and improve my escape skills after batgirl caught me and after tying me even tighter said she would be back in a few hours to check and see if I escaped yet. I never did get out from that tie on my own

#12 Anything you would like to say to our Fans.

Karen:  Thank you for all the support, I'm sure I'll be back and in even more perils in the near future

Thank You Karen for sitting down and answering a few questions today I'm sure I can say and agree we all look forward to seeing what happens to you next! Until that time you just sit tight and enjoy yourself
Karen:  You're a jerk Untie me right MOW MMMPH MU Nssnole umnie ne
Karen sits down to anwser a few questions this time
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buzzyday Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012
awww.. karen.. wouldnt it be better if she's interviewed in her mermaid form.?
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
LOL maybe she was ;)
buzzyday Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
wow.. didnt know.. now she's a beautiful bound mermaid.!
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
yup and none to happy about it nether hehehe
buzzyday Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
haha.. a mermaid in bondage..!
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
hehehe :):D
buzzyday Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
cant wait to be in ur story again..
LCDRhammond Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
:) soon enough
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